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How To Buy?

Step-by-step software purchasing process

1.Create Profile by Signing Up and grant Access for Login

2.Choose any of the available Plans suit your needs

3.Complete the Payment based on options below


  • Payment Supported : Paypal or Credit Card
  • Not Require any Admin Verification and/or Approval
  • Once the Payment completed and user shall click return to merchant
  • The Software Purchased shall be Added Automatically to MyDashboard >> Download &Activation


  • Payment Supported : Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin (BTC), ETH Wallet, Maybank & CIMB.
  • Require Admin Verification on Proof of Payment (ScreenShot), User shall Upload once the payment completed.
  • Once Payment Verified, the Software Purchased shall be Added to MyDashboard >> Download &Activation